Akshat T.

Akshat T.

Hello there,

I am building workhack and edhack as a learning + livelihood ecosystem. We create AI interview bots for human centred jobs and upskilling. Not quite there yet, but I am having fun.

This year I co-authored fun generalist non-fiction with Akshay Tyagi. Being published by Penguin Random House, Now That We're Here: The future of everything. Try out an excerpt here or here.

I am a Rajiv Circle Fellow for 2019. They do terrific work support early entrepreneurs in South Asia, Africa and the US.

My first startup at 14 was a content company with a community of over 50,000 teens. Then I wrote a silly book about the naked emperor of education and self-designed my education. In between all this, I also wrote for a few platforms and made amazing friends.

I love listening to podcasts and reading non-fiction + short stories. The people I love are kind and optimistic folks doing weird stuff.

If there's anything you find interesting or absurd here, hit me up at akshat@edhack.io. I reply to all emails, long and short. ❤️